Individual and Team skills development

We provide training and support in many different ways, depending on the needs and context. Stress management trainings can be given at an individual and team level. These sessions provide information on recognising and managing the different kinds of stress, and consider specific stressors within the individual's situation. Positive and negative coping strategies are also explored. Group sessions can be given for small groups of 4 to 6 participants, or for larger groups of up to 22 participants. Trainings and briefings are offered in Dutch, English and French. Trainings in other languages can be offered as well, as our trainers and consultants are used to working with interpreters.

Our trainings can be offered at the Antares Headquarters in Amsterdam and at the offices of the clients. We also offer regional workshops worldwide. Individual and group trainings can be facilitated through skype and video-conference facilities if available at the requesting organisations. Webinars can be organized on request.


Our expertise 

  • Supervision and coaching
  • Team-building and motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Briefing and confidential end of assignment sessions
  • Feedback techniques
  • Collegial consultation techniques and methods
  • Stress management
  • Stress management courses for project coordinators/managers
  • Stress management in teams
  • Stress management after critical incidents (theory, models and follow-up)
  • Project management
  • Project planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Project management and strategy
Training of Trainers (TOT) can be offered for most subjects, and are designed in close cooperation with the requesting agency and/or within a specific project context.


Application Form for applying as a team or if your organization has interest in one of these courses presented above for a group of interested employees.





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