Antares has developed a wide variety of projects since its establishment in 1999 and continues to do so. Through these, staff from the Antares Foundation have been able to assist in the development of staff support systems in organisations of every size and in very varied locations and contexts. 

Ongoing Projects


The Antares Foundation, in close cooperation with the Kosovo Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT), is currently implementing an integrated psychosocial capacity building program for health professionals working in the primary health care (PHC) services in Kosovo under a cooperative agreement for the length of five years with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, which started in September 2009.

The overall  program, based on the needs assessment, consists of the development of training curricula, training of trainers, training of staff and building systems in the PHC clinics and was carried out over a period of 5 years through the following activities:

1. Assessment of psycho social needs amongst staff 

2. Training KRCT staff in specific psycho social  and stress management skills

3. Development of curricula for courses 

4. Training of health care professionals

5. Training of mental health specialists

6. Integration of course curriculum in human resource development policies of the PHC clinics

In the 5th year of this program, major achievements were reached: a draft policy paper for support and mental health well-being for health staff was realised, 75% of the planned stress management trainings were implemented, and plans for a final conference and evaluation were initialised. The support from Centrum 45, through provision of experts, was once again of great value. 

In March 2014 the program has been evaluated. The outcome of the evaluation has been very positive at all levels and by all stakeholders. The model developed will be further explored and possibilities to roll out this model within the region are currently under discussion.

The results of the project will also be presented and shared in a workshop/conference in  Pristina, Kosovo, in June 2014.

Peer Support Project: An IRCT/BZFO/Antares Foundation cooperation

In 2013 the Peer support project, funded by the ”Pilot Project on rehabilitation of torture victims” of the European Commission, continued for its second year and was evalueted in November 2013 in Brussels by all implementing partners and the participating centers in a two day workshop. 

Antares  visited 6 centers in 2013, supporting managers in setting up a feasible staff support system, next to the supervision and intervision  program that Bzfo was implementing simultanously. 

The cooperation between the three implementing partners, IRCT, Bzfo and Antares, was fruitful and positively evaluated. New plans for follow up programs have been designed during the evaluation in Brussles.

The feedback from the participating centers was very positive as well, a full report is availble from our website. A draft guide for good practice is a result from this project, and will be formally published in the second half of  2014.

Read more here: Peer Support

If you want to know  more about our  past projects click here: Projects of The Antares Foundation in Tanzania, Jordan, Iraq, Kosovo.pdf



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